Terence Tyr

Terence Tyr

For the last 2 years, I have kept my brother and myself busy founding Urbz, a mobile app that works as a local messenger, allowing you to broadcast messages to your neighbors, view messages around and receive special offers from local shops.


Although I was born in Paris (France), I decided to do so in Quebec City (Canada), where I graduated with an MBA. What I did not learn in college after two master degrees in finance – one from and the other from – I learned it the hard way, by starting my own company.

See (in French): “Terence Tyr ou l'aventure de l'entrepreneuriat au Canada”, Panthéon Sorbonne Magazine, nº16, January-February 2016

Especially, I figured out what it takes to build an audience, a brand, and to give life to a community. I developed a strong interest in content, marketing, and business strategies as well as public and press relations. Also, I am now very aware of the importance of commercialization and distribution processes to successfully sell.

What I am proud of is to have managed to mobilize the press – allowing me several TV appearances – and to have convinced many brands to work with me. I also managed to raise $5,000 by crowdfunding and won a $2,500 prize from Entrepreneuriat Laval, #1 university business accelerator, worldwide. In the process, I developed an interest in storytelling and personal branding.

Out of my comfort zone, I had access to some incredible people, challenging me to learn more and work better. What I love now is to put my thinking at a strategic level, while paying a special attention to details.

Living for more than 3 years in a continent that is not mine allowed me to achieve a form of voluntary simplicity, my whole life into two suitcases. I now favor life experiences to material possessions. As a pure millennial, I embraced the sharing economy, bootstrapping my startup by working as an Expert at Uber and by listing my guest room on Airbnb.

I like to describe myself as a multipotentialite or a full-stack employee. I have a phobia for hyperspecialization and bullshit jobs. According to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), my personality type is ENFP, which means that I am enthusiastic, intuitive, innovative, future-oriented, have various talents and always looking for new opportunities!

What I have the most valuable to offer are my vision and my execution.

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Last update: January, 2017